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For Baby's Sake Mission

To take a whole family approach and address the root causes of domestic abuse and its traumatic effect on babies, breaking the cycle for all.

For Baby's Sake Vision

For babies to grow up with resilience and for cycles of domestic abuse to be broken for good.

Our Values

Dignity and respect

Efficiency and high performance

Being a team - we, not I

Making a difference

Doing the right thing

Our Values were set out and agreed

with our Board Members.

Strategy and Influence

Our model of philanthropy is working with multi agency partnerships and local 

communities to be a catalyst for innovation and system change.


We also contribute to local and national 

strategies to disrupt cycles of disadvantage and trauma for individuals and families and across generations.

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Domestic abuse has a devastating ripple effect across families, generations and society. For Baby’s Sake offers a new way genuinely to break the cycle. Rolling it out requires pioneering partners, including local councils, philanthropists and charitable trusts, as well as ambassadors who can use their voice and influence to champion the cause. Together, we can empower families to change their life chances and give babies the best start in life.

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The Stefanou Foundation is a registered charity (1126459) and company limited by guarantee (6713945).