Around one in five children in the UK is affected by domestic abuse.  


We created For Baby's Sake in response to the evidence about the life-long mental and physical health risks this causes - and about why babies are especially affected.


The programme was launched in 2015 with the working title of 'Healthy Relationships: Healthy Baby'. In June 2017, based on a growing understanding of parents' motives for joining the programme, it was named For Baby's Sake.  

For more information on why For Baby's Sake is needed and how it operates, CLICK HERE to download our briefing paper  

 Kings College London are leading an independent research evaluation of For Baby's Sake.  


They state state in their interim second year report that the programme 'seeks to address the limitations of existing interventions by developing a whole-family approach that addresses the cycles of domestic violence and abuse (including the impact of parents’ own childhood experiences of abuse) and seeks to improve mental health and parent-child attachment outcomes.


CLICK HERE to download a summary of the interim research evaluation report.

‘Thinking about my mum,

now I think her heart was very empty which I feel has something to do with her childhood and being in care all her life.  I feel my mum kept having children to try and fill the emptiness that was in her heart, which I feel is wrong as it’s not our responsibility as children to fill it.  It’s like trying to build a house without foundations. It will just collapse and that’s what happened to my family, again, again and again’

Jenny (during her

inner child work

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‘I’ve been struggling

and really needed to use

consequential thinking before

reacting …. This really works,

it really does –

I couldn’t have done this alone’


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